Saturday, 27 November 2010

Happy teacher's day!

Yesterday, November 26th the educative administration on Murcia gave teachers a free day to celebrate our TEACHER'S DAY. All the week we've been making a different sort of activities in our centres intended to be a special day for the appreciation of teachers.

As read on Wikipedia, the idea of celebrating this day happened independently in many countries during the XX Century. In most cases, each county celebrates a local educator or an important milestone in education. 

In Spain, we still have a difference between the grades we teach in. So, Pre-Primary and Primary teachers celebrate their teacher's day on November 27th, the day of Saint Joseph Calasanctius de Calasanz (the founder of the Pious Schools in Rome) [so, we got free this day as a prize of the "Consejería de Educación"]; professors on Secondary celebrate the day of Saint Thomas of Aquino (considered the model teacher for those studying for priesthood on January 28th.

The majority of countries all over the world takes October 5th as the date to celebrate this day, because this day the UNESCO with the support of OIT adoptd the Recommendation concerning the status of Teachers.

Why does Spain, a secular country since the Spanish Constituion of December 29th, 1978, keep on celebrating teachers' or professors' days related to the lives of saints?

Why does not Spain, a member of the UNESCO, unify October 5th as the TEACHING DAY?

I'm waiting for your comments.

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